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Conscious Sedation

Experience conscious sedation dentistry.
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What is Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Michael Silverman, DMD, DDOCS, DICOI , founder of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.

Join the millions of people and experience conscious sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry and a simple series of visits, you too will be on the road to a healthy and happy mouth.


If you have a limited amount of time to be in our office or would like to complete all your dental work at once, sedation dentistry is for you. Sedation can help you overcome your dental anxieties and enable you to receive the care you need and deserve. Sedation can be used for simple procedures as well as complex treatments. Sedation dentistry is safe, effective, and best of all requires no IVs. By taking medication prior to your appointment, you will be relaxed when you arrive at our office. Sedation places you in a cozy state of total relaxation; you will have little or no memory of your visit.




Making the First Appointment

Call our office and make an introductory appointment where Dr. Limbird and his staff will take the preliminary x-rays and proceed with the comprehensive examination; where we get to know you and your dental needs.


The Consultation

Following your preliminary appointment, our team will type up a treatment plan that suits your needs; both dentally and financially. At this consultation appointment, Dr. Limbird will go over the treatment plan with you step by step and explain the routes available to your dental health. Then one of our team members will gladly go over the financial options and the sedation guidelines for your upcoming visit.


The Day Of Your Treatment

On the day of your appointment, your companion will both bring you to and pick you up from your appointment. During your procedures you will be provided with additional medications to ensure the greatest amount of comfort. Dr. Limbird’s experienced team will monitor you throughout your entire visit. Your companion will escort you home and stay with you until you have completely recovered from your sedation medication.


The Next Day

Most patients feel little to no discomfort from their dental visit. A follow up call from either Dr. Limbird or his team will ensure all your needs have been met. For the patients who have a little anxiety about going to the dentist, but do not feel conscious sedation is warranted, we offer nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide has been safely used for centuries by a large percentage of dentists. The nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask, which puts the body into a state of relaxation. One of the most fascinating advantages of using nitrous oxide, is that it works well on children. When used in combination with the Waterlase, many procedures can be performed without a shot. For more information on conscious sedation, please call our office today.

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